Pinays Can STEM Campaign

09 September 2020

To celebrate every girl's skills, capabilities, and dreams, STEM+PH, a flagship program under Unilab Foundation Inc., partnered with UL Skin Sciences Inc., launched Pinays Can STEM, a digital campaign that aims to empower and encourage young Filipinas in STEM. 



The lack of female role models, prevailing gender stereotypes, and the underrepresentation of women professionals in STEM discourage young Pinays to pursue the STEM track. In fact, only about 1/3 of STEM graduates in the country are females, and studies show that even less work in the STEM field.


Founded on the belief that all Pinays are able to create life-changing breakthroughs while reimagining a better life for the nation, it is the campaign's vision to build a community of STEM Pinays believing in their own capabilities by featuring Filipinas in the fields of medicine, technology, engineering, psychology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, astronomy, and marine sciences to name a few. 



Within just a month of its launch, Pinays Can STEM has reached over 50,000 audiences on their site and envisions to engage more students to pursue the STEM track. Breaking barriers and defying gender perceptions, the campaign provides insightful infographics, interactive quizzes, local and international inventions and achievements, and opportunities for all young Pinays.


Find out more on the campaign on Pinays Can STEM on Facebook and @pinayscanstem on Instagram.